SA President urges BRICS to strengthen partnerships

Date: Jun 24, 2022

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has called on BRICS countries to strengthen their partnership to peacefully resolve conflicts around the world.

He said the world's focus is shifting to global threats like climate change.

Addressing the opening of the online BRICS forum, Ramaphosa said sanctions on certain countries have negatively affected the global economy.

The West has imposed sanctions on Russia after Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

Ramaphosa says the BRICS meeting must come up with actions that will enhance the economies of member states. “As BRICS we will continue our constructive engagement with the World Trade Organisation to foster inclusivity industrialisation and development”, said Ramaphosa.  

He added that BRICS countries must oppose attempts to shape global economies through unilateral sanctions and other coercive measures.




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