SA businesses adopt Artificial intelligence to boost productivity

Date: Jun 27, 2022

South Africa and the rest of the world are currently experiencing a shift in how the world operates as technology makes certain tasks quicker, simpler and convenient for consumers.

Most business leaders today are looking into adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost their company’s future productivity, increase communication with customers, and enhance their customer’s experience.

Infobip’s Regional Sales Engineering Manager for Africa, Orediretse Moleboloa claims that South African businesses are adopting artificial intelligence.

“Especially companies that have no legacy of older technology. The digital native organisations or businesses, companies don’t have an issue with older digital architecture.

“They just look at the latest and greatest on what’s available. And chatbots and automated contact center solutions are the in thing at the moment”, says Moleboloa.

Now, AI experts are calling on Chief Information Officers to ensure that they are investing in AI that will deliver maximum returns and benefits for their businesses and organisations.




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