Vodacom Tanzania set to connect 90% of population with broadband

Date: Sep 24, 2021

Vodacom Tanzania is eyeing to connect at least 90% of the Tanzania population with broadband Internet by 2024 as part of the telco’s rural coverage expansion drive.

Currently, Vodacom’s broadband connectivity, which provides high-speed Internet, covers approximately 52% of the population, according to the corporate affairs director of the company, Rosalynn Mworia.

As part of its Africa.connected initiative and in line with efforts to ensure wide Internet adoption among Tanzanians, the firm targets to expand broadband Internet connectivity to 65% of the population by the end of 2021 and a final target of 90% by 2024.

“For over two decades now, Vodacom has been continuously investing and improving its network to make sure that it provides its customers with the latest cutting-edge technology as well as the most innovative products and solutions available in the market,” she said.

 “Working with different government and private sector partners, Vodacom is contributing to this agenda by bringing affordable handsets to market, providing effective solutions to users with hearing or visual impairment as well as direct support to other government-led social initiatives,” said Mworia.

The government is pushing for broadband connectivity to reach all Tanzanians with high-speed Internet which it said is a must in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology recently signed a partnership agreement with the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (Tanesco) to expand broadband connectivity.



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