AGOA plays an integral part in SA economy: Ford SA

Date: Nov 3, 2023

Ford company South Africa (SA), the only United States (US) automotive in the country, says the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) plays an integral part in the economy of SA.

The company is displaying its latest models of vehicles at the three-day AGOA forum in Johannesburg.

Government Affairs and Transformation Director at Ford company, Esther Buthelezi, says this agreement enables businesses to export products to the US without tax. “It becomes extremely important especially when it comes to job creation.

“Because if we should not be able to get AGOA or should not be able to graduate in AGOA, there are a lot of jobs that will be lost in SA. So, it (AGOA) is very important.

“We are an automotive that is based in SA, so accessibility to be able to export all over the world is becomes extremely important.”



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