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Igega Chancelline Lurhakwa Bahati

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What’s your favourite day of the week and why?

Thursday because it’s much relax and close to weekend.

Your Favourite weekend hang out?

Spending time in church activities.

What is your favourite form of relaxing?
 My favourite form of relaxing it listening to gospel music and reading my bible

What makes you laugh/smile?
laugh? The jocks made by my lovely daughter Lerato always made me laugh.

Smile? The work of the Lord made in my life gives me smiles.

What is your favourite tourism destination?

My Tourism destination is UShaka marine in Durban.

What or who inspires you?

God inspires me and his Words as well.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Channel Africa in this era?

It means you apply full potential to produce the better of yourself, focus and do your work.

How do you describe your on-air personality?

Your most memorable radio moment?
Interviewing the director of a French organisation”Alliance Francaise”.

Any other passions besides Radio?
Being a nurse for the past five years of my life was the great moment I never had in the work environment by giving my patients hope of life and love.

Do you have any phobias?

Message you would like to share with your listeners?
Channel Africa is the best radio station in the world with six languages, where by  anyone can tell and her his story on his own language.

Please follow us there is a lot to come within the African perspective.

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