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Briefly describe your background?
I am simple yet unique in my own right. I celebrate being woman daily and consider myself a proud African. My greatest achievement as an individual is giving birth and being able to give life to a child. There is no greater satisfaction next to being able to live life than to be a mother.

What’s your favourite day of the week and why?
My favourite day of the week is everyday, because I am believer that life is to be taken seriously, the fact that we wake up every morning is a miracle. There are no guarantees in life but we go to sleep everyday with faith that we will wake up the next day and the fact that we open our eyes that next day should be a celebration every time.

Your Favourite weekend hang out?
My favourite hangout is AT HOME with my family. Theres no place like home for me, because we are an interesting family that has genuine love for each other’s company, and I am surprised every time I think about how my family and I engage in doing things together. Home for us remains a true dream of happiness.

What is your favourite form of relaxing?
I am a lover of horse riding and there is nothing that brings me calmness and happiness as riding a horse on an early morning. If possible with an opportunity to watch sunrise while riding.

What makes you laugh/smile?
I am one that reminds others that life is to be taken seriously, but, with that said, the best moments of laughter yet again reminds us that there is plenty to laugh about in life. And for me there is nothing that makes me laugh like my youngest daughters frank and honest view of things about life. She is the most brutally honest 3-year old I know.

What is your favourite tourism destination?
There is no place in the world as beautiful as Africa. I have taken the time to travel and see our rich and beautiful continent and it is for me the best tourism destination.

What or who inspires you?
There are a number of experiences and people that inspire me. As a conscious person about how I live my life, the experience I am going through is the greatest inspiration because it is uniquely designed just for me to last me a lifetime.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Channel Africa in this era?
Being part of Channel Africa means a great deal, in that I am an instrument of engaging in meaningful communication. That could be a small contribution in the betterment of our people and their development.

How do you describe your on-air personality?
My on –air persornality is simple and straight to the point. I am a firm believer of communication to being simple, so everone listening, whatever age or work designation, one can understand the topic and walk away with a feeling of having learnt a reat deal.

Your most memorable radio moment?
The first time I was on air was the most memorable which was in 2010. It was memorable because it was a goal I had set for myself and achieved. That for me was important as I promised myself growth for the better, from that first time experience.

Any other passions besides radio?
I have a great passion for the property/real estate industry and or property related issues that have an impact to humankind, specifically Africans. I have dedicated a big part of my life and career to educating black people first about property/real estate, from how it affects everyone on a day-to-day basis, to encouraging women to get interest in business and careers in the property industry.

Do you have any phobias?
Non I could think of at the time of answering this questionnaire.

Message you would like to share with your listeners?
My message is “live life to the fullest” and get to understand that we all have greatness in us. It is up to an individual to exercise that right.

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