Channel Africa launches new corporate identity and payoff line

Date: Apr 18, 2017

The new Channel Africa logo evokes the sense of African pride, ownership and ability to deliver news and information from an African perspective. 


Johannesburg, Friday 31 March 2017 - Channel Africa, an international radio service of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), today launched and introduced the station’s  new corporate identity(CI) logo and payoff line. The launch was held at the SABC’s Headquarters in Auckland Park – Johannesburg, from where Channel Africa broadcasts. 

Channel Africa’s rebranding represents its success in evolving and moving with the times.  The new Channel Africa logo evokes the sense of African pride, ownership and ability to deliver news and information from an African perspective.  It is a combination of the African map & the frequency which represents where Channel Africa is in terms of its broader offering.  The colours are fresh, vibrant and relatable to the African audience.  The new map represents the transition into the technological era. It also reflects traditional African drawings.   The look and feel of the design has been revamped in such a way that it gives the logo a simplified and more sophisticated look.

Channel Africa’s new payoff line is ‘The African Perspective’. This tagline emphasizes the station’s position in the continent.  How news is reported; how information is disseminated and how analysis is done.  This is all how the station is positioned.

Mr Solly Phetoe, General Manager: Channel Africa stated “The management of Channel Africa is focused on identifying ways to strengthen our position in the continent as an information resource of choice.  By providing relevant news and information to our audiences in their own languages and from the African Perspective, we’re not only instilling a sense of pride in our listeners but also promoting the sense of ownership for their continent.” He further emphasised that “this re-branding campaign is an essential component in an effort to strengthen relations with our different stakeholders across the African continent.” 

The long term plan is to develop Channel Africa into an information hub.  The station’s programming is currently being re-broadcast in a number of radio station in the continent.  Although this is being done without Channel Africa’s permission, management is working towards formalizing these arrangements.

Channel Africa’s Marketing Manager Ms Mamolefe Segakweng stated “Gone are the days when the Western media analyzed and disseminated information from their perspective.  This station is reflecting stories from the African perspective without any distortion”.

During this era of new technology, the station is embracing the change in landscape and audiences’ way of information consumption.  The station today is in a position to reach audiences in the diaspora through technology such as AudioNow, TuneIn and mobile App.  The audio streaming is also available worldwide. 


Channel Africa, formerly known as Radio RSA was established in 1966.   The station was under the control of Department of Foreign Affairs.  In 1990-1991, Radio RSA and Global News services - an international Syndication Service under the joint control of the government and the SABC, joined together to form one station still under the Foreign Affairs Department.  Its name was changed to – Channel Africa - and was broadcast on the same platforms but changing the emphasis to broadcasting mainly to Africa

Since then, Channel Africa has been slowly realigning itself to be ready to take advantage of new technologies such as the internet, satellite broadcasting and multi-media broadcasting.  

The station is currently broadcasting on five platforms namely; Shortwave to the rest of the African continent and the Indian Ocean Islands; DSTV Channel in Southern Africa; Satellite to Asia/Africa/Europe and America’s Pan AM Satellite; Globally via live/recorded/ and hard news on internet and AudioNow MobileApp targeting Africans in diaspora in America.

Channel Africa broadcasts on the above mentioned multi platforms mentioned, including DSTV Channel 802.  The platforms allow Channel Africa to be heard worldwide via Internet and Satellite, while all the platforms cover the main target area which is the African continent. Channel Africa Broadcasts in six languages – namely French, Portuguese, Kiswahili, English, Silozi and Chinyanja.

More information on Channel Africa is accessible on its website, which is: 

Issued By:                    Channel Africa

Media Enquiries:         Mr Solly Phetoe (GM: Channel Africa)

                                    Ms Mamolefe Segakweng (Marketing Manager)

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