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EU countries fail to protect minorities: Survey

Date: Dec 6, 2017

Minorities across the European Union are reporting high levels of discrimination, the bloc’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) reported Tuesday, criticising the fact that the situation has hardly improved over the past decade.

The Vienna-based agency presented a survey of 25 500 people in all of the 28 EU countries who belong to minorities, such as Roma or people with roots in Turkey, North Africa and South Asia. "Today, these new results show that our laws and policies are inadequately protecting the people they are meant to serve,"FRA Director said.

Compared to a similar survey that the FRA conducted in 2008, respondents experienced nearly the same levels of intolerance and hatred as they did a decade ago, according to the agency. In the new poll, 38% said they were discriminated against in the past five years, especially when looking for a job.

People from northern Africa and from south of the Sahara, as well as Roma were especially affected.

Among second-generation immigrants, 31% were harassed because of their origins in 2016, half of this group reported at least six incidents in that period. "With every act of discrimination and hate, we erode social cohesion and create inequalities that blight generations fueling the alienation that may ultimately have devastating consequences," He said.

Members of minorities trust public institution more than the overall population does, according to the survey, and many feel strong bonds to the country they live in.




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