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Calls for calm in Senegal

Date: Feb 12, 2019

Politicians and the civil society in Senegal are calling for calm after clashes between militants of the ruling party and those of the opposition that led to one death.

Perceived as a model of democracy in Africa; the presidential campaigns in Senegal has been marred by violence in recent days.

Several injuries were recorded before the skirmish that broke out in Tambacounda, 420 km east of Dakar.

During an election rally, Macky Sall decried the violent atmosphere and called on his supporters not to give into provocation, inviting his opponents to do the same. “This is already the result of the call for violence advocated by some political leaders, they will be held accountable before the courts,” said the Senegalese President, referring to his predecessor Abdoulaye Wade, who reiterated on February 8 his call to boycott the presidential election, inviting his supporters to “burn their voter cards and ballots”.

Senegalese human rights organizations have urged the competent authorities to investigate all acts of violence that have occurred since the beginning of the electoral campaign.



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