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Tanzania President shuffles cabinet

Date: Jul 2, 2018

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, has reshuffled his cabinet and will swear in three new ministers on Monday, his office said, in a shake-up that included the sacking of the Home Affairs Minister.

Minister Mwigulu Nchemba, who had led the home affairs portfolio that includes police and domestic security, was replaced by Kangi Lugola, who had been deputy environment minister.

Sunday's cabinet reshuffle also saw new ministers in charge of water and infrastructure appointed. The statement did not give reasons for the change.

Magufuli also added an additional deputy minister at the ministry of agriculture, appointing Omary Tebwete Mgumba to the role. "Because of the importance of the agriculture sector, Magufuli has decided to add strength to those that are in charge of the sector," the statement said.

Magufuli, nicknamed 'The Bulldozer' for his forceful leadership style, has introduced anti-corruption measures and tough economic reforms since taking office in November 2015,including cuts to government spending and overhauling the fiscal and regulatory regime of the mining sector in Africa’s fourth-largest gold producer.

Critics say his cost-cutting measures and policy changes are excessive and undermine growth by stifling foreign investment in critical sectors such as mining.

Last month, the finance minister forecast economic growth to increase to 7.2% in the year from 7.1 % in 2017.




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