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Zimbabwe First Lady rants about Vice President

Date: Oct 6, 2017

Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has lashed out at the country’s Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, while launching the Empowerment Bank.

This follows claims by Mnangagwa that he had been poisoned at a political rally. Zimnews reports she screamed: "I’m the First Lady and Mnangagwa a nothing. He was employed by my husband. Why would I kill him? I can’t prepare one cup of an ice cream to kill Mnangagwa. Who is he? I am the wife of a President!"

Mugabe says Mnangagwa claimed to have been poisoned, but had since changed his tune. According to The Herald, she adds that Mnangagwa gave different versions depending to his audience.  Youths were warned to stay clear of "games" such as this.  

“When you go around saying all nonsensical stuff, it means you have failed in politics.” She adds that Mnangagwa "should stay home".

The Empowerment Bank, which has the president’s daughter, Bona Mugabe, as one of its directors, has had treasury release $10 million for its unknown operations. 


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