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US to continue training troops against Uganda’s LRA

Date: Apr 21, 2017

The United States has said that it would maintain training for east and central African regional troops to prevent Uganda’s notorious Lord's Resistance Army rebel leader Joseph Kony’s fighters from regrouping, according to a report on Thursday.

Kony is a Ugandan rebel leader wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

One of his former commanders, Dominic Ongwen, is currently on trial at The Hague-based court.

The LRA rebels began as a Ugandan rebel movement in the 1980s, but at the peak of its powers was internationally known for its cruelty against civilians in DRC, Central African Republic and what is now South Sudan.

According to Voice of America, Marine General Thomas Waldhauser, the top US military commander overseeing troops in Africa, the US remained concerned about the re-emergence of Kony’s fighters.

He said that the US would continue to work with regional troops from Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic in the search for Kony.

"We obviously have concerns about the possibility of the LRA coming back to fruition. We will continue to work with those countries with training and exercises... because even though we are officially ending [the mission], we are certainly aware of the fact that we do not want to leave a void there," Waldhauser was cited as saying.

Reports last month claimed that the US said that it was pulling out of the search, citing the weakening of the LRA for its decision to remove its military forces, which have included dozens of Special Forces..

The US will "transition to broader-scope security and stability activities that continue the success of our African partners", the US Africa Command was quoted as saying.


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