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Somali officials survive Mogadishu attack

Date: Jan 7, 2021

The official in charge of Somalia prisons has survived an explosion targeting his convoy in the capital, Mogadishu.

Gen Mahad Abdirahman and other senior government officials who were travelling with him escaped unhurt.

Death tolls from attacks like this are increasingly secretive in Somalia, as the country approaches next month’s elections, but a government Spokesperson confirmed two soldiers were killed. 

What is not clear is the number of residents who were at the scene when the explosion happened, although there are believed to be many severely injured.  

This blast is just the latest to target members of the federal government.  

Earlier this week Somalia's police spokesperson, Sadiq Adan Ali Dodishe, survived a similar attack.  

No group has yet claimed responsibility for either explosion, but the jihadist group al-Shabab are suspected of being behind both attacks.



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