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Strong message from UNICEF as World commemorates Day of Education

Date: Jan 24, 2022

As the world commemorate the International Day of Education, the UNICEF is appealing to the key actors responsible for the learning and futures of children living across the Eastern and Southern Africa region.

The organisation says even during the pre-pandemic period, a vast majority of African children were experiencing a widespread learning crisis, with Covid-19 only serving to exacerbate the situation. “With concerted vaccination and treatment efforts, we will defeat this pandemic.

“But the learning loss it has caused will certainly stay with us for much longer. To governments, school gates must always be the last to close, and first to open. “

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) report indicates that evidence in all countries has shown that when schools close, children not only lose out on their learning progress, but also the safety of the school ground, interactions with friends, a route to healthcare, and, too often, their only nutritious meal of the day.

Many governments across the region have made admirable efforts to keep schools safely open via strong Ministry of Health and Education collaboration and community partnerships. “We equally urge governments to honour their commitments to the Paris Declaration to devote at least 4% of GDP, or 15% of public spending, to education. 

“Furthermore, we ask you to increase social protection for the most vulnerable families as we know that when they are adequately supported, their children are more likely to return to school. “

The organisation has commended teachers, as some of the most vital frontline workers in the Covid-19 era. “We call on your employers to allocate additional resources to cater for your learners, particularly the most vulnerable, and urge you to adjust your teaching methods to the new context.

“We also strongly encourage you to be vaccinated against Covid-19 when available. “

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