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South Sudan talks propose power to impeach President

Date: Nov 18, 2020

Delegates to the just-concluded South Sudan's national dialogue conference have recommended that the two parliaments should have powers to impeach the president and Vice-President.

The forum also recommended a two five-year term limit for the president and a peaceful transfer of power through timely, free and fair elections.

They also want rebels not to be rewarded with government positions.

Some of recommendations have been described as controversial.

“Even if the recommendations of this conference are so controversial, please implement them,” Angelo Beda, the co-chair of the conference, told President Salva Kiir during the closing of the event on Tuesday.

President Kiir said the recommendations should serve as “guidelines” to the constitution-making process.

“Despite its popular legitimacy, therefore, we should not attempt to replace the agreement with the consensus reached through the national dialogue,” President Kiir told the delegates as he closed the conference.


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