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Student stabbed at Ethiopian university

Date: Nov 13, 2019

There have been further violent clashes in universities in Ethiopia, between students of different ethnic groups.

Three students have died since Saturday and members of the military and the police have been deployed to at least three universities in the country.

Ethiopia has seen an increase in ethnic-related violence this year. This wave of violence in began on Saturday at Woldiya University, in northern Ethiopia, leaving two dead.

Clashes that left two dead broke out among students of different ethnic groups after they watched an English premier league match between Leicester City and Arsenal.

Since then there have been clashes across at least two other universities, and officials from Dembi Dollo University told the BBC on Wednesday that a student was stabbed to death.

In another campus, in south-eastern Ethiopia, nine students were injured in similar clashes.

The BBC has also spoken to groups of students who are saying that they have stopped attending classes due to fears around the current wave of violence.

Security forces have been deployed to several universities in an attempt to control the unrest.

There has been a rise in inter-ethnic violence in Ethiopia since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came into power in 2018, as different ethnic communities have been expressing more freely their historical differences.

Universities are more prone to violent incidents as members of different communities come into closer contact at campuses.



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