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SA Education ministry responds to literacy report

Date: Dec 6, 2017

Spokesperson for the South African Department of Basic Education, Troy Martens, says South Africa should encourage a culture of reading.

Her comments come on the back of startling finds contained in the just-released Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS).

Part of the study indicates that South Africa lies on 50th position, bottom of the list of countries that took part in the survey. 

Further, South African Grade 4 children have scored the lowest mark in the latest 2016 round, with 78% of South African Grade 4 kids not being able to read. 

According to the study, Grade 4 girls in the South Africa are a full year of learning ahead of boys.

Adding salt to the wound on the part of South Africa, there has been no improvement in reading scores over the last five years, since 2011 to 2016. 

The report again reveals that female scores are much higher than male students in reading across the board.

Listen further to Martens as she shares what the department envisages as a way forward to address the debacle:


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