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Morocco, Madagascar sign various bilateral agreements

Date: Nov 22, 2016

Moroccan king Mohammed VI took his diplomatic mission now to Madagascar where he along with President of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina have signed 22 bilateral cooperation agreements.

The first of its kind visit for most of the countries he visited, the king aims to achieve various agreements involving different sectors and seek to reinforce partnership. This leg of his trip to Madagascar is expected to include meetings with employers’ associations of both countries as well as the legal framework governing bilateral cooperation.

According to a statement released by the Moroccan Embassy in Ethiopia following his visit to Madagascar, this visit will reinforce the friendship relations between the two countries and the two people.

These agreements concern regarding and preserving the Canal of Pangalanes, in addition to the fields of agriculture, banking, civil service, youth and sports, taxes, renewable energy, education and vocational training, the statement adds.

On this occasion, Said Zarrou, chairman of the board of Marshica Med Ltd, who signed memoranda of understanding with the Malagasy party on the project of upgrading and preserving the Canal of Pangalanes, underlined that Morocco, has developed over the past years an expertise in the fields of developing large-scale environment-friendly territorial projects.

The Canal of Pangalanes, whose upgrading and preservation will be ensured under a partnership between the two countries, is 700km waterway which is four times longer that the Suez Canal and eight times longer than the Panama Canal, he noted.

He said that this project concerns the setting up tools for safeguarding ecosystems of sites adjacent to the said canal, mainly in relations with the ecological, agricultural, industrial, mining, port, urban, cultural and tourist aspects.

The signing ceremony was attended by the official delegation accompanying the King during this visit, including notably the sovereign’s advisors Fouad Ali El Himma and Yassir Zenagui, as well as the Malagasy head of government, speakers of the senate and the national assembly, government members and economic operators.

The visit to Madagascar is not a surprise to anyone, as the Moroccan royal family enjoys close and historical relations with this country.

In August 20, 1953 King Mohammed V (King Mohammed VI’s grandfather) and his family were exiled to Madagascar, where they remained for three years. In November 16, 1955, the Sultan regained Morocco and was greeted by delirious crowds. On March 2, 1956, Morocco received its independence after active opposition to the French protectorate. In February 1956 he successfully negotiated with France for the independence of Morocco.

Hence, King Mohammed’s current official visit to Madagascar has a historical significance and will certainly be full of wonderful memories especially when the king will visit his grandfather and family residence in Antisrabe during the exile years.

This Royal visit will also be an opportunity to show gratefulness to the Malagasy people who hosted the royal family in the 50’s, the statement adds.

It will also provide opportunity to consolidate further the historical longstanding relations binding Morocco and Madagascar and to give a new momentum to investments, both at the level of state-owned companies and at the level of the private sector.


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