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Turkey summit to discuss US stance on Jerusalem

Date: Dec 6, 2017

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is calling a summit of the main pan-Islamic body in Istanbul next week to discuss the expected US move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Presidential Spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, says the decision is in order to display joint action among Islamic countries. Turkey currently holds the chairmanship of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Earlier, Morocco's King Mohammed warned US President, Donald Trump, against moving the American embassy to the contested holy city of Jerusalem. Trump informed Palestinian President, Mahmud Abbas by phone of his intention to move the embassy from Tel Aviv. 

In an open letter to the American President, the Moroccan King expressed his deep personal concern and the great concern felt by Arab and Muslim states and people over move to recognise the city as Israel's capital and transfer the US embassy there.

The move by Trump set to come in a speech later Wednesday, would upend decades of careful US policy and ignore dire warnings of a historic misstep that could trigger a surge of violence in the Middle East. “Trump will say that the US government recognises that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel," a senior administration official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"He views this as a recognition of reality, both historic reality and modern reality."

Plunging further into a decades-long dispute over a city considered holy by Jews, Muslims and Christians, Trump will also order planning to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. "It will take some time to find a site, to address security concerns, design a new facility, fund a new facility and build it," the official said.

"It will be a matter of some years, it won't be months, and it’s going to take time."




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