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Rwanda President visits troops battling Mozambique militants

Date: Sep 24, 2021

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame is visiting Mozambique, where 1000 of his country's troops are helping local soldiers fight Islamist extremists.

The BBC reports that President Kagame has offered to keep Rwandan forces in Cabo Delgado if they'll be needed as internally displaced people are resettled.

Rwandan forces have made significant advances, capturing the jihadists' main headquarters in the port city of MocĂ­mboa da Praia last month.

They say they have liberated 90% of the province from militants.

Members of the Southern African Development Community have also sent troops.

Our correspondent says many towns are still unoccupied although people are starting to return to their homes.

Mozambique is home to a number of Rwandan dissidents.

A prominent member of Rwanda's refugee community was shot dead in Mozambique earlier this month, after telling police there was a plot to kill him.

A Rwandan opposition activist was arrested in Mozambique earlier this year and has not been heard of since.



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