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More voices united in call for SA President to step down

Date: Jul 17, 2017

Some South African civil society organisations have vowed to bring a criminal case against President Jacob Zuma soon. This comes on the eve of the Conference for the Future of South Africa which starts in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

The conference is aimed at looking at the current state of the country's politics. Amongst the participating groups is the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) which will be unveiling a seven chapter document which it alleges gives evidence of state capture by the Gupta family.

Calls for the removal of President Jacob Zuma are intensifying. On Tuesday over 90 civil society organisations will gather in Johannesburg to build a new front against state capture.

The convener of Save South Africa Sipho Pityana says with all the evidence and the outrage from ordinary people following allegations of state capture and the Gupta emails, it is clear that South Africans want the president to step down.

''Our demand is that Zuma should go. The voices that were making this demand this time last year were few and far apart and the voices that  today object to that are few and far apart. This is a fantastic turn in terms of society's view of what should happen as a precondition. We have been acting in different ways in different places all of us saying the same thing and this conference tomorrow (Tuesday) says 'isn’t it the time that we coordinate our efforts and we act together in unison and ensure that our efforts are combined in order to maximise our impact the urgency for this president to go has never been greater?'''

Msibi also says the document has been well received by Members of Parliament. Some civil society organisations are already planning to lay criminal charges against the president.  The Outa has put together a seven-chapter document to support its case.

"'It explains how Zuma and his cronies are enriching themselves at the expense of the country. It explains how Zuma protected himself from prosecution for the longest time. It explains Zuma's corrupt relationship with the Guptas. It details how key state institutions are targeted as honey pots and how control was seized. It contains annexure which are evidence and the evidence of all the cases we want to bring to court are annexed in this document,'' says Outa’s Dominique Msibi.

Msibi also says the document has been well received by Members of Parliament and the relevant law enforcement agencies. "I would confidently say it has been well received and the reason why I say that is because we have received acknowledgement of receipt and on how it has been received by the law enforcement agencies. It was well received because we are already working with law enforcement agencies particularly in bringing cases against the individuals that are responsible for what is happening in SOE's.''

Earlier on Monday, Msibi opened a criminal case against former Communications Minister Faith Muthambi for allegedly sharing confidential SABC information with the third party and for the appointment of former Chief Operating Officer (COO) Hlaudi Motsoeneng who she said it came at a huge cost to the public broadcaster.

Ntebo Mokobo

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