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UN mission in S Sudan organises dialogue to end cattle-related conflict

Date: Apr 12, 2024

An agreement that has been reached by communities of a South Sudanese State could herald an end to the long-standing cattle-related violence that has claimed scores of lives in that area.

The agreement was reached after a peace dialogue facilitated by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan’s (UNMISS) Civil Affairs Division in Chahari, Ikotos, after the youth from the Kraal community had taken measures to end longstanding cattle-related conflicts with pastoral communities in the Kidepo Valley area.

The entrenched divides between these communities are driven by cattle raids, revenge killings as well as seasonal cattle migration which brings with it competition over grazing areas and water resources.

In February, at least 38 people, including a UN peacekeeper, were killed and 52 suffered gunshot wounds after a battle had broken out between residents in central South Sudan and cattle herders who moved in looking for water and pasture during the dry season.

“Today, we reaffirm our commitment to peace with our neighbours. We make this vow to the youth in our communities and will take all steps to ensure that it remains unbroken,” one community leader said.

Leaders agreed to disarm perpetrators, arrest suspects, and introduce animal permits for movements, a few key measures designed to help prevent violence during farming season.

The already unstable situation in the Kidepo Valley region had worsened in recent months with frequent road ambushes, UNMISS says in a statement.

South Sudan will in December hold its first national elections this year.



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