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Treatment given to people living with HIV/AIDS at public health facilities are of concern: TAC

Date: Dec 1, 2021

Chairperson of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) Sibongile Tshabalala says the treatment that people living with HIV/AIDS are getting at public healthcare facilities, especially clinics, is worrying.

She says this often happens when people default on anti-retroviral treatment.

On World AIDS Day today, Tshabalala says the inequality, stigma and discrimination that people living with HIV/AIDS are facing must be urgently addressed.

“The way people living with HIV are treated at clinics is concerning. It is unlike the manner in which other people going to the clinic are treated. If you are HIV positive, you are given a different card from others and you are made to stand in a queue different from others which makes people afraid to go to the clinic,” adds Tshabalala.

“Sometimes if you have gone to take your medication on a certain day, they make you stand at the back of the queue. Even the way nurses treat people living with HIV sometimes result in them defaulting in taking the treatment,” she adds.



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