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Somali officials, UN, AU outline security plan

Date: Dec 5, 2017

Somali government officials and leading representatives of the international community, reconvened in the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday for a so-called Somalia Partnership Forum to address the pressing humanitarian issues.

The meeting followed Somalia’s first-ever security conference on Monday where developing a plan to transfer primary responsibility for security from the United Nations-backed African Union (AU) Mission (UN) in Somalia (AMISOM) to Somali security forces and to speed up security sector reform was outlined by participants as essential.

The conference was hosted by the country’s Federal President and jointly convened with the UN and the African Union (AU).

Prime Minister, the Presidents of Somalia’s five federal member states, cabinet ministers and a host of ambassadors were also present. "Security is our greatest requirement if this country is to realise its full potential,” Official said in his keynote address."

"As a Government, we are absolutely determined to win the war against Al Shabaab and the Islamic State (IS) with the full support of our international partners,"said the Somali President. "Without security and counter-terrorism, there cannot be a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Somalia to which we all aspire."

The top UN official attending was Secretary-General Special Representative for Somalia. In his remarks, he voiced support for the Federal Government’s commitment to pursue a comprehensive approach to security in the country. "Defeating Al Shabaab cannot be done exclusively by military means," he said.

The conference was organised as a follow-up to last May’s London Conference on Somalia, which endorsed a landmark political agreement on a new national security architecture reached by federal and state leaders earlier this year and formally adopted as a security pact for the country.




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