Freelancers for Channel Africa

Date: May 13, 2020

Channel Africa, South Africa’s international radio station, is looking for freelancers for the following positions:

1. Social Media Specialist to drive the social media agenda for the station. (RFP: ChAf-MKT1).

The applicant should be able to:

  • Provide photography and videography for website and social media platforms
  • Update the online multimedia section regularly
  • Keep track of social media interactions and constantly engage with followers
  • Co- ordinate and track online competitions with On-Air competitions to ensure that correct protocols are adhered to and publish on social media platforms
  • Liaise with Digital Specialist publishers to update social media platforms accordingly, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • Conduct Facebook, Twitter and Instagram live sessions
  • Online marketing
  • Conceptualise and design creatives for different initiatives
  • Update on web interactions and consolidate web figures
  • Liaise with online partners for updated and correct usage of the brand
  • Compile report on the performance of online properties to be included in the Marketing reports

Requirements of the role

  • Matric + 3+ Years’ Experience as a Digital Marketer
  • Relevant Tertiary Qualification in Marketing/ Journalism/ Advertising
  • Experience in the media industry advantageous
  • Experience executing paid social media campaigns
  • Knowledge of online advertising platforms
  • Knowledge of video and picture editing software
  • Must be able to juggle multiple projects at the same time
  • Knowledge of marketing & communication processes
  • Attention to detail, Creative and Innovative
  • Full understanding of all social media platforms
  • Extensive knowledge in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube design, analytics and scheduling
  • Experience in drafting social media reports, SEO, Copywriting and Blogging
  • Knowledge of content management systems and Ad Serving tools
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good coordination and communication skills

Send your CV and application to

2. Producer/Presenter for programme  Cuisines Africa  (RFP: ChAf-IKB1)

A series of documentaries focusing on African culture, food and history. The programme delves deep into African societies and brings out the flavours of their existence. Every episode concludes with the foods that stand out in that culture.

Treatment: For this programme, we want to be transported to an African kitchen or meal time. Take us from field, market or shop, via steamy kitchen and milling process to our virtual plate. Engross us in a history and culture lesson of the food you feature. Introduce us to all the flavours, textures and colours of food Africa has to offer. Introduce us to flavours to savour; teach us about the history and tradition of Africa’s foods and make us lick our lips – all via the radio of course.

Scheduled: weekly

3. Producer/Presenter for programme Yours Truly  (RFP: ChAf-IKB2)

Yours Truly connects listeners to their loved ones through listener dedications and well-wishes. The dedications are interspersed with top African music. The programme aims to build a unique African society across the continent and the diaspora that connects each with the other through musical entertainment.

Treatment: We all have long-lost friends and relatives we last heard from before the end of the millennium. How would you feel if you could send out a message to them across the world and maybe get a response? Yours Truly is about making the lost connections with scattered family or childhood friends, eased along with a rich selection of music from all genres of music the African continent has to offer. Who knows with whom you might eventually reconnect?  A late night show that becomes an African household in a laid back fashion.

Scheduled: Mon-Fri

4. Producer/Presenter for programme  Live Well  (RFP: CHAf-IKB3)

A talk show specifically dealing with health and wellness issues, and focusing on healthy lifestyles. The programme looks at the health and lifestyles of ordinary people as well as those who defied the medical odds and overcame their grim diagnoses.

Treatment: This programme encourages healthy eating, living and thinking, but this is much more than just a show that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices. It is also way to inspire those who need to be reminded that where there is life there is always hope. With real-life stories of those who have overcome medical odds, Live Well tackles sometimes difficult health and lifestyle realities with just the right mix of compassion and inspiration.

Scheduled: weekly

5. Producer/Presenter for programme African Insight  (RFP: CHAf-IKB4)

The programme looks at infrastructure projects undertaken by a single or group of African countries, in an effort to improve their economies, whether these projects are run by government or the private sector, or in a public-private partnership arrangement. The focus is on the impact the projects have or have had, on ordinary communities across the continent.

Treatment: This is no mere roll-call of massive infrastructure projects across the continent. Naturally, you will interrogate who has, or will, benefit from projects such as the Inga Dam, the Lesotho Highlands Water Project or the Grand Renaissance Dam. But African Insights is also about asking communities their view of whether or not a project has been successful. It’s about whether Africa’s majority young population are or can see themselves as a part of the plethora of grand schemes on the continent. And what about smaller projects - have they made a difference in peoples’ lives?  Everyone’s voice is important in this show – we don’t just want to hear from politicians, maverick mega-entrepreneurs and businessmen. We want communities to rate and review the projects. We need to know: Have their lives changed for the better?

Scheduled: weekly

The applicants should send their CVs and proposals, detailing their qualification, knowledge of Africa, production experience, creativity and understanding of radio in general to . They should indicate how they will accommodate listeners in their programmes and how they will make the programme interesting to listeners across the continent of Africa. A 5 minutes demo of the programme would be an added advantage. Please indicate the RFP code you are responding to, e.g. (RFP:CHAf-IKB4).

Should you not hear from us after your submission, it means your submission is unsuccessful.

Submissions closes on 29 May 2020.


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