African Valentines activation brief

Date: Feb 14, 2019

February is regarded as the month of love. Each year on February 14th, people exchange cards, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.”

February is regarded as the month of love. Each year on February 14th, people exchange cards, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” Valentine’s Day dates up to the 5th century, and it is associated with the expressions of love and unity. In an attempt to express the love for the African continent, Channel Africa will host Valentine’s Day activation where the station will show the support of unity amongst Africans. The event will be held on the 15th of February 2019, at the SABC Radio Park, ground floor open space.

As part of promoting social cohesion, Valentine’s Day activation is themed “One Love, One Africa”. It seeks to create an enabling environment for social change, which empowers societies to take positive action to prevent social and economic ills in the African continent. 

        This initiative aims to encourage and unite African listeners with one voice; to not only love one another, but to be conscious and proud about their Africanness and the development of the entire continent.

        The purpose of the project is to address the station’s marketing and programming objectives and encourage good habits, social cohesion and address the issues of xenophobia. This is set to be achieved through dialogues and debates, food, gifts and music. The event will feature various artists who will be launching the “one love for Africa” theme song as well as guest speakers who will embrace the event with their presence.

        The aim for the day will be to show Valentine’s Day in a different light, as people spread the love for one another and the African continent.

Tomas Merton once said “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with others.”


The event will take form of a panel discussion with studio audiences as well as a panel of professional speakers. The proposed structure is as follows: Four (4) Panellists who will be discussing on the basis of:

  1. Love for Self
  2. Love for others
  3. Love for the Country
  4. Love for the continent


It will be attended by amongst others:

  • Sponsors
  • Musicians/ Artists
  • Invited media (Print)
  • Internal and External stakeholders
  • Partners/ Potential partners
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Affairs
  • SABC News
  • Senior Management/ Radio representatives
  • Wellness


Promos/Live reads – throughout all language service

Interviews – with sponsors and other contributors, e.g. artists


Radio (Promos/Live reads or interviews):


Metro Fm,

Ikwekwezi Fm,

Radio 2000,

Tru Fm,


SABC 2 Weekend Live,


Corporate Communications (Creative Cloud)

Stations website and Social media

Possible post interviews on other radio stations

The format of this event will be a hybrid of Entertainment and current affairs, this will be achieved by means of live musical performances; these live performances will be centered on  the love theme, Focusing on the subject of Love for Africa. The listener and the live audience will be enticed by live romantic music performances, building up to the Big revelation which will be a Song that is compiled by a Variety of musicians, Named one love for Africa.

The Artists involved are amongst others: 

Bheki Ngqoko,

Yvonne ChakaChaka,

Vusi Nova,

Busi Dube,

Hhashi Elimhlophe

Kunle Ayo and Nathi

MC work for the day will be carried by Ms. Rachel Makhura and Mr. Thabiso Lehoko



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