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Date: Mar 15, 2018

The programme discusses current issues pertaining to South Africa and the continent as a whole. The talk show hosts various experts on interesting and important issues affecting Africa and the globe.

Taxi Fight

The rivalry between Meter cab operators and app operated cabs Uber and Taxify have been at each other’s necks for past few years. The people bearing the brunt of the squabbles are the unfortunate consumers/customers who need to commute from point A to B. Traditionally the meter cabs have been known to be a little more costly and the vehicles not in the best of conditions. There also hasn’t been a real clear body that held them accountable when customers had complaints. Whereas with Uber and Taxify the cab can be requested at the convenience of the client and the prices are reasonably cheaper. In Gauteng we have seen the rivalry intensify to a point where some uber/taxify cabs have been torched and drivers assaulted for picking up clients. 

To help us unpack and discuss this further we are joined on the line by:

  1. Mr Duncan Phopi Secretary Metered Taxi Association (studio)
  2. Mr Collen Msibi Head: Communications  Department of Transport


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