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Date: Sep 21, 2018

Let’s Talk About It is a 15 minutes long HIV/Aids youth programme that encompasses the infotainment, edutainment, and entertainment aspects in dealing with various social, cultural, and general lifestyle issues.

In this week's programme: Interview with Mr Maano Ramadwa

On this week's programme, we are talking to Mr Maano Ramadwa, a published author, speaker, former school principal,  community volunteer and a coach about mentoring and inspiring young people to tell and write their own stories, thereby motivating others who have struggled with ailments and overcame.

Nemaangani Pearl Madzanga is a 19 year old lady who is cool, calm & collected, a born again Christian who loves God, a big  dreamer with a Millionaire mind-set behind being calm and collected is a very kind, ever smiling and friendly person who grew up in the extended family with six siblings and her parents.

Mr. Maano Ramadwa is a teacher and a High School Principal who turned a Human Development Consultant. His experience and   expertise has made him a well sort after Leadership and Soft Skills Trainer. He also advises School Managers on Issues of Strategy and Transformation of Schools.

Maano Ramadwa is a Speaker and an Author who shares various life and personal development matters. He uses his books as tools  to transform, develop and empower people at various levels of their lives. In his books, he conveys messages which evoke Awareness, Acceptance, Courage, and Faith as a way of restarting and resuscitating one’s life.


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