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Agro Africa

Date: Oct 19, 2018

A programme that talks about agriculture and its development in Africa.

In this week's programme: Scaling Out Aflatoxin Awareness in Africa

Aflatoxins pose a threat to food security, public health, as well as trade in Africa; and the need for its control can never be overemphasized!

PACA is a collaboration of stakeholders aimed at protecting crops, livestock and people from the effects of Aflatoxins. How is Africa containing the effects of Aflatoxin on food safety?

At a national level, what is your country doing to mitigate the effects of aflatoxin?

Should you like to comment on this program, send your comments to :

Email:  agroafrica@channelafrica.org

Twitter: @agroafrika

This programme is also broadcast on DSTV Audio bouquet #802

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