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Life by design

Date: Sep 9, 2019

Life by design shares stories of discovering purpose, whether through leaving a vocation to pursue one’s passion or whether discovering your purpose through pain or any other life event.

The aim of the programme is to inspire listeners to tap into their full potential. It is a One on One in studio interview where the presenter talks to the guest who shares about their background and their life story/experience of discovering their passion.

In this week programmes: Tropics group of companies founding partner Venecia Guinot.

In this episode we are joined by Vénicia Guinot, a native of Congo Brazzaville. Driven by her love for Africa, inspiration to change the African narrative to something more positive as well as a drive to make her late parents proud, Vénicia Guinot has created a name for herself in Africas’ media industry. She is determined to brand Africa as a top business and investment destination as well as unite Francophone and Anglophone Africa. Vénicia is a Founding Partner of the TROPICS GROUPS OF COMPANIES (Pty) Ltd.

Facebook: Living Life by Design

Twitter: @livinglifebydesign

Instagram: @livinglifebydesign


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