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Gateway to Africa

Date: Apr 20, 2018

Gateway to Africa is Channel Africa’s 45 minutes weekly flagship magazine programme. The magazine programme covers all matters; sport, cultural tourism and business. The programme is researched, produced and presented by Pule Phalatse


In this week’s edition of Gateway to Africa, a lecturer of tourism at Tshwane University of Technology Unathi Henama talks to us about a number of things that impact on tourism such as poor service and the recently reported incidence of ill-treatment of Lesotho’s King Letsie III at border between his country and South Africa, increase in Value Added Tax and why the country should take steps to increase the number of visitors from Russia and Muslims from the Middle East.  

Also in this edition we find out why DHL, a leading logistics service provider is excited about a new addition to its aircraft fleet family in Southern Africa – the Boeing 737-400F and more.


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