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Date: Oct 23, 2020

To ask life’s biggest questions, to explore the unchartered African brain, to influence African thought pattern.

The show is about reconnection of human spirituality and the source from which it originates. To challenge youth to the highest and ultimate standards of greatness trapped within.  To break all the barriers/walls of religion and usher in the greatest spiritual truths of all ages. To awaken the great power within humanity. The show is aimed to challenge the norm and break new inspirational grounds. Aimed to pioneer a new humanity era: the shift in African consciousness. To find meaning in the ancient cosmic knowledge and meta-science & physics. To create a new generation of African leaders.

In the programme this week: Oshebeng Koonyaditse and Hosea Ramphekwa

This week we are joined by Oshebeng Koonyaditse, author of South African football, Edward R. Murrow Journalism Fellow, Media Liason at North West  Community Safety to talk about The role of Leadership in Sports Development In Africa.


Hosea Ramphekwa, author , journalist and speaker in conversation about, Gifted, Hunted and Haunted: Why trouble torment the highly gifted people in Africa?

Channel Africa DSTV 802, www.channelafrica.co.za


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