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Rhythms of Africa

Date: Oct 24, 2017

Rhythms of Africa is a Music Program on Channel Africa, Voice of the African Renaissance, focusing on various music idioms throughout the African Continent.

In the program today: Interview with Dr Jonas Gwangwa

Dr Jonas Gwangwa is a legend and a veteran when it comes to the “Music Industry” locally and internationally. He was appointed by the former President of South Africa, Mr Thabo Mbeki when they were still in exile in Angola, to be the “Musical Director” of Amandla Cultural Group. AMANDLA toured 50 countries for 10 years before democracy in South Africa. 

The “Musical” exposed the “ills” of Apartheid” during those days. When the icon, OR Tambo saw it for the first time, he said, “With AMANDLA” members of “Umkhonto WeSizwe” were able to summarize what he was telling the world about “Apartheid” for many years, they summarized it in 2 hours. During the interview, Jonas Gwangwa highlighted that OR Tambo would attend the shows of AMANDLA whenever he was available. 

Like OR Tambo who was born in October 1917, Dr Jonas Gwangwa was born in October 1937. All his shows in 2017, are dedicated to his 80th Birthday.

Dr Jonas Gwangwa was nominated for OSCAR Awards on two occasions; he received the National Orders Awards from all the Presidents of South Africa, ranging from Dr Nelson Mandela to Mr Thabo Mbeki and Mr Jacob Zuma.

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