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Date: Nov 29, 2017

A weekly programme that showcases African countries from the historical, geographical, climatic, and demographic perspective and considers the struggle for independence, political developments, governance, and the economy

Somaliland Republic

Somaliland is a country that is located in the very turbulent region of the Horn of Africa.  Somaliland also is a country that has seen its fair share of violence; however, the country is very stable with peace and stability in place, this situation being there since 1991. Somaliland although it is an Island of Peace in a turbulent region, has another distinction. 

It is the only country in the world whose sovereignty has not been recognized by any other country, this despite the country having a stable government having jurisdiction within set and known boundaries also it having democratic election which legally install and remove governing authorities.

Dr Ali Saad Shire is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somali, he gives an account of the situation, challenges and  achievement attained by Somaliland.  

Dr. Saad Ali Shire Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Somaliland


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