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Date: Oct 5, 2017

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East African Commission

The East African Commission, EAC, is a regional Body that is spear heading the Regional Economical Integration of East Africa. The body has its genesis in the colonial times basically in 1917, this being a Custom Union body serving then Kenya and Uganda. 

The body was expanded to include Tanganyika, Tanzania of today, and its main purpose was to put in place manage and provide common services to the three countries , it then being known as The East Africa High Commission. 

With Independence the body underwent changes this to accommodate newly found sovereignty of the member countries, however, due to the same reason of sovereignty the newly formed East African Commission was disbanded. 

The Commission has been revived with there being more countries joining namely Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan with Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan also showing intention of joining. 

The EAC however is still experiencing challenges which have to be addressed if the Union has to survive.

The Late Professor Omar A. Enow: A Man on a Mission


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