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Date: Feb 7, 2018

A weekly programme that showcases African countries from the historical, geographical, climatic, and demographic perspective and considers the struggle for independence, political developments, governance, and the economy

Angola State Power 

Angola gained its independence in 1975 after a long bitter anti colonial liberation struggle against its colonial master Portugal. However on gaining independence on 11th November 1975 a civil war broke out involving the three liberation movements namely  MPLA, led by Dr Agustinho Neto, UNITA led by Jonas  Savimbi and the FNLA led by Holden Roberto  the oldest political party in Angola. 

The war ended by the military defeat of UNITA and the death of its leader Jonas Savimbi. The end of the civil war saw the MPLA being the most powerful Political Party and also the only National political party. The monopoly of Power of the MPLA resulted in the establishment of a culturally defined Political, Economic, Military elites who have come to dominate all facets of Angolan State institutions and life.  

Dr. Saad Ali Shire Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Somaliland


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