SA trainer wants to develop more boxing champions

Date: Feb 29, 2024

Renowned South Africa (SA) Boxing Trainer and Manager Colin Nathan says he still want to develop more Boxing Champions like Sivenathi  Nontshinga, the current IBF Light Flyweight champion.

Nathan has more on his up and coming champion from Ghana.“ But I still want more. I'm still I still am very, very hungry for more champions and discovering and uncovering amazing SA boxing talent.

And now I've got a branching out. It's not just about SA, I've started working. I'm working with the gone and kid offer an empty. I'm off to Abu Dhabi on Monday.

He's 12 and no with 9 knockouts. Like way too, I believe it's going to be, could be potentially my next World champion as well. And we've got so many young, talented fighters in SA through hot box and no doubt management coming through.”




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