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UNSG calls for transformation of multilateral institutions

Date: Aug 24, 2023

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres has reiterated his call for the transformation of multilateral institutions including the UN Security Council.

He was speaking during the BRICS-Africa Outreach at the 15th BRICS Summit underway at the Sandton Convention Centre, north of Johannesburg.

He says as the global community moves to multi-polarity, countries of the world need a reformed multi-lateral architecture based on the UN Charter and International Law.

“Today’s global governance structure reflects yesterday’s world. They were largely created in the aftermath of World War II when many African countries were still ruled by their colonial powers and were not even at the table and this is particularly true with the Security Council of the UN and the Bretton-Woods Institutions. For multilateral to remain truly universal, they must reform to reflect today’s powers and the economic realities and not the power and the economic realities of the post-World War II. In the absence of such reforms, fragmentation is inevitable,” says Guterres."



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